Communicating CX initiatives


lintu4A new year starting. CX is now a focus area. Action items are listed.

  • Customer experience vision – done.
  • Definiton of CX goals – done.
  • Selection of customer metrics – done.
  • CX targets included in rewarding programs – done.
  • Feedback gathering systems – done.

A great start.

Or actually, is a lot more needed? Turning the abstract into concrete. Engaging everybody.  Most of the ‘real work’ still ahead?

One of the concrete things in CX focused initiatives is communications. Including the CX vision in presentations and publishing customer feedback summaries on the intranet is important – but not sufficient for motivating or enabling employees to take CX to their agenda.

CX communications need to be relevant and fit for purpose. This means different content and different communications channels for different teams. The focus and detail of the content should be tailored so that they can be used as input to decisions and actions.

Some stakeholders can be approached by email or intranet – for some, webinars, face-to-face presentations or teleconferences are more appropriate – while some may want to be engaged e.g. in internal online discussions.

A well-thought-out CX communications plan answers some basic questions, like:

  • Who are the target groups?
  • What is the message for them?
  • Why do they need to know?
  • What action or decision can they take based on CX insights?
  • What is the best way to approach this group?

Communicating goals, communicating metrics, communicating actions, communicating achievements, communicating success stories – all this seems self-evident – but the importance cannot be overstated.

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