Great customer experiences are expected…

lintu6…but what needs to happen behind the scenes?

‘Delight’, ‘surprise’, ‘wow’ and ‘trust’ are often repeated buzzwords. Customer experience is high on many companies’ agendas. For a customer, interactions with a company need to be effortless, stress free and high quality. This requires a lot of work, often engaging people across complex organizations.

Committed to Customers is a book about what happens inside companies. It presents a 5-step model for developing good practices that help delivering enjoyable customer experiences. The book focuses on five essential areas: being committed to customers, listening to them, analyzing their feedback, engaging the personnel to focusing on customers and taking action for improvement. The content comes from personal experience, from hands-on practitioners, and from CX thought leaders.

The objective of this book to help people with customer experience related goals and the implementation of practical actions. The book gives concrete ideas, tips, links to resources and examples. It also provides material for evaluating a company’s current CX status and prioritizing next development areas. Starting a Customer Experience (CX) related project is a demanding task. It requires versatile skills, engaging people and getting them to work together. I hope that the insights presented in this book will give ideas and inspiration to readers and help them proceed smoothly with their customer experience initiatives and related tasks.

Easy and enjoyable experiences  require systematic structures and practices behind the scenes.


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