Is a CX transformation program your major task this year?


Three things that will help you along the way:

  1. Find a business sponsor for your initiative right from the beginning. Having a committed sponsor behind your project ensures that your voice is heard and sufficient resources are allocated to the initiative. Keep the sponsor continually informed and show the benefits gained from the activities.
  2. Where possible, align your activities to fit relevant events in your company’s existing processes. Instead of carrying out separate projects, you may find possibilities to integrate CX activities to your company’s action planning process, CX training to existing competence development programs, CX information to existing communication channels, rewarding to HR processes, reporting to company dashboards, etc. To do this, you need to liaise with experts from different functions, like Finance & Control, HR, or Communications.
  3. Communicate effectively – this is key to the success of your initiative. Start with the CX vision and benefits, keep all stakeholders in the loop of the progress, and actively show the results and achievements.

On top of these three, manage expectations.  A CX initiative is a change effort, which doesn’t happen overnight.

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